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Mumbai - TweeSurfing Launch

On Thursday, June 29th, 2017, #TweeSurfing, a collaboration of Twitter and Centre for Social Research, was launched in Mumbai. #TweeSurfing, is a first of its kind, free for all web resource, to address online safety issues.

The web resource came into being after a year of CSR working extensively with Twitter, with youth and digital influencers on online safety workshops across the country. It aims to foster a culture of positive Twitter engagement by promoting the use of counter speech, issue specific campaigns, and developing and sharing user-created best practices.

At the launch event, our Tweesurfing influencers Dr Ranjana Kumari, Rohan Joshi, Kaneez Surka, Sorabh Pant, Trisha Shetty, Harish Iyer shared their journey and experiences on Twitter, and how they use the platform for advocacy and spreading awareness on range of issues.

TweeSurfing Launch in Mumbai

Delhi - TweeSurfing Launch

On October 5th, Centre for Social Research and Twitter India hosted the launch event of the collaboration #Tweesurfing, in India International Centre, New Delhi.

The program launch highlighted upon two diametrically opposite, yet equally enlightening panel discussions which comprised of Mr Samir Saran (ORF), and consisted of Ms Priyanka Chaturvedi (INC), Mr Amit Malviya (BJP) and Dr Ranjana Kumari, Ms Harnidh Kaur (Poet and student activist), Mr Suhel Seth and Mr Rahul Shrivastav (UP Police). The crux of this discussion was how Twitter has helped politics in India, and how national parties are using it to their advantages, along with touching upon some challenges and using Twitter for social good.

TweeSurfing Launch in Delhi

Bengaluru - TweeSurfing Launch

On May 11th, Centre for Social Research and Twitter India hosted the launch event of #Tweesurfing in Bengaluru, at the Twitter India office.

The program launch coincided with the Karnataka Elections, and thus the discussions at the event revolved around nature of politics on Twitter, and the impact of Twitter on political discourse, along with using social media for social change. We had eminent personalities like Dr Rajeev Gowda (Rajya Sabha MP), Ms Nirupama Menon Rao (Former Foreign Secretary), Dr Ranjana Kumari, Ms Sandhya Ramesh (Science Writer), Mr Praveen Kumar (Stand up Comic), Ms Anju Jayaram (Women’s Web).

TweeSurfing Launch in Bengaluru

Kolkata - TweeSurfing Launch

Centre for Social Research, New Delhi, in collaboration with Twitter India launched its 4th chapter of TweeSurfing on 22nd September, 2018 in Kolkata after Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

#TweeSurfing is a public education initiative that attempts to address online safety issues and spread knowledge on how individuals can express themselves, initiate conversations and engage more positively on the platform.

The launch was graced by the presence of eminent speakers like Dr. Ranajana Kumari, the director of Centre for Social Research New Delhi, Harish Iyer, an Equal Rights activist, Manasi Salvi, a prominent TV actor from Mumbai, Rahul Rajkhowa, a twenty three year old singer-songwriter from Assam and Jimmy Tangree, heading Friends 91.9 FM in Kolkata, engaging people though his exceptional voice and ideas since 1994. The participation of students and other members from Kolkata in the launch was exceptional.

TweeSurfing Launch in Kolkata

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